Promoting Free Speech

American INSIGHT programs promote, define, and facilitate speaking out against injustice.

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Mission and Objectives

A nonprofit organization with an apolitical platform for the promotion of Free Speech and the Rule of Law.

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Our Programs

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Free Speech Award

American INSIGHT’s Free Speech Film Festival and Free Speech Award recognize in perpetuity one film each year that best portrays an issue relevant to the core principles of Free Speech and the Rule of Law. The film is chosen from several “Official Selection” films that have been judged and selected by public consensus from films submitted from around the world.

The Festival provides an outlet for individuals to tell their stories through films that speak out against injustice and connect Free Speech to the advancement of democratic ideals.

Free Speech Storyline

American INSIGHT’s Free Speech STORYLINE presents an interactive and educational timeline of historically significant achievements in the advancement of Free Speech and the Rule of Law from the sealing of Magna Carta in England in 1215 to the present day.

In America, the quintessential values of freedom of expression, individual rights, and governance by consensus were established mainly by generations of a few important Quaker lawyers during the 50 tumultuous years preceding the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

Largely unnoticed for the past 200 years, this important early American history (with its advancement of individual liberties and principles of democratic government), provides a wealth of knowledge about the personal challenges inherent in building a successful democracy.

Free Speech Archives

American INSIGHT’s Free Speech ARCHIVE preserves selective aspects of Philadelphia, American, and international history. It contains rare video footage, audio tapes, historical research, documentaries, interviews and raw unedited original materials produced and collected by American INSIGHT during its 30 year period of promoting Free Speech and the Spoken Word.

The Archive also contains a complete record and inventory of every Free Speech Award Ceremony, plus all films submitted to the Free Speech Film Festival each year.