The Interns at American INSIGHT spent six years of research and interviewed over a dozen scholars before they created the historical Free Speech Storyline below. Based upon a series of murals painted by a 27-year old artist from Philadelphia named Violet Oakley, the message of this story is as relevant today as it was when it first appeared on the walls of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg over a century ago.

Placed in reverse chronological order, each image follows the Rule of Law (and a citizen’s inalienable right to Free Speech) as it makes its way through a series of individuals … from the signing of the Magna Carta, to the printing of the Bible, to the creation of the United States Constitution. The demand for Free Speech is an unstoppable force that continues to change all of our lives today!

Magna Carta: Eight Centuries of Liberty, Wall Street Journal, June 2015.

American INSIGHT’s Free Speech Film Festival now carries the Free Speech Storyline forward each year by featuring its most recent Free Speech Award-winning film. Click each image to find out more…

For we put the power in the people.William Penn

Sojourner Truth