About Us

Mission and Background

Rebranded in 2005, American INSIGHT, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit multimedia production company with a mission to “Promote insight into Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law.” Founded in 1983, the American Poetry Center promoted the Spoken Word for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts before the concept became National Poetry Month.


American INSIGHT’S objectives are to facilitate speaking out against injustice through the medium of film and social media; to build social awareness through the promotion of these films; and to inspire communities to redress injustice around the world through the power of film and social media.

Programs and Activities

American INSIGHT seeks to reach audiences worldwide through its three interdependent programs: Free Speech Award, Free Speech Storyline, and Free Speech Archives. These programs are united by American INSIGHT’s significant commitment to building community support by broadening exposure to the history and future of Free Speech through emerging broadcast technologies.

The Free Speech AWARD celebrates the principles of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law and is presented yearly to one film chosen via an online film festival competition. The competition draws films from around the world.

The Free Speech STORYLINE documents the evolution of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law since the sealing of Magna Carta in England in 1215. It provides an interactive and educational timeline of historically significant people and events. American INSIGHT’s Free Speech Award-winning film is added to the Free Speech Storyline every year.

The Free Speech ARCHIVES preserves rare footage and multimedia materials from all of American INSIGHT’s events over the organization’s thirty-year history of promoting Free Speech and the Spoken Word.

Guidestar - Seal of Transparency

Board of Directors

Margaret Chew Barringer

Robert Emmons Haskell

Karen Curry

Keith Lyons

Jan McGovern

Matthew McGovern

Brenda Nixon

Michael Wood

Institutional History

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Member Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO)

As a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO), American INSIGHT has committed to the Guiding Principles of the Standards for Excellence: an ethics and accountability code for the nonprofit sector. American INSIGHT pledges to uphold the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and accountability upon which the Standards are based.