Free Speech Archives

American INSIGHT’s Free Speech ARCHIVE contains rare video footage, audio tapes, historical research, documentaries, interviews and raw unedited original materials produced and collected by American INSIGHT during its 30 year period of promoting Free Speech and the Spoken Word.

The Archive also contains a complete record and inventory of every Free Speech Award Ceremony, plus all films submitted to the Free Speech Film Festival each year.

For detailed information on subject matter, licensing stock footage for educational and international broadcast, plus per-second pricing, contact American INSIGHT.


Raw and edited footage; raw and edited sound tracks; personal photos, brochures, letters + memorabilia featuring the following people:

Edward Albee

John Ashbury

Edmund Bacon

Amiri Baraka

Steve Berg

Robert Bly

Joseph Brodsky

Dennis Brutus

Arthur B. Carles

John Ciardi

Amy Clampitt

Bob Craig

Karen Curry

Murray Dessner

E.L. Doctorow

Allen Ginsberg

Barbara Greenfield

Anne d’Harnoncourt

Gregory Harvey, Esq

Robert Hass

Donald Hall

Daniel Hoffman

Abby Huntsman

Mary Anne Huntsman

Robert Indiana

Galway Kinnell

Etheridge Knight

Stanley Kunitz

R.D. Laing

Sam Maitin

Czeslaw Milosz

Vernon Odom

Joseph Oyhayon

Cynthia Ozick

Grace Paley

Michael Perlman

Marge Piercy

Raheel Raza

F.D. Reeve

Judy Rymer

Sonia Sanchez

Reggie Shufford

Anne Marie Slaughter

Susan Sontag

Gerald Stern

Steve Tobin

Richard Wilbur

C. K. Williams

Kean Wong

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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