Arthur B. Carles: Philadelphia Artist



Anne d’Harnoncourt
George D. Widener Director/CEO, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Isadore Scott
Former Chairman, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Richard J. Boyle
Former Director, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Dr. Barbara A. Wolanin
Carles Scholar
Dr. Perry Ottenberg
Carles Collector

Michael Taylor
Acting Chief Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Edmund Bacon
City Planner

Leslie Paul Symington
Art Researcher

Mary Ann Meyers
Writer; Senior Fellow, John Templeton Foundation

Elizabeth Osborne

Elizabeth Godshalk Burger
Carles Student

Jane Lindenmeyer,
Carles Student

Sarah Blakeslee Speight
Carles Student

Sophia Sherry

The Reverend David L. Hicks
St. Paul’s Reformed Episcopal Church

Patricia Mangione

Quita Brodhead
Carles Student


Evergreen Avenue House, Mary Lee & Paul Cope
“Ardrossan,” Robert M. Scott on behalf of Montgomery Scott family
Green Street Brownstone, Allen W. Rubin
“Andalusia,” James Biddle
Woodmere Museum of Art, Dr. Michael W. Schantz,Director and CEO
Chester Springs Studio, Center for the Visual Arts, Sally H. Ritter
Ray Carr Automotive Museum Foundation, Raymond C. Carr
St. Paul’s Reformed Episcopal Church, The Reverend David L. Hicks
Historic Yellow Springs, Inc.,Village of Yellow Springs
Freeman Auctioneers, Samuel M. Freeman
Former Tyson Residence, Mr. & Mrs. M. A. Turnbull
Main Line Mansion, Dr. Stephen Lichtenstein and Dr. Peggy Abrams
The Quadrangle: A Sunrise Community, Alyce Gallagher
Genesis Health Ventures, Fairview Care Center of Bethlehem Pike
Wagner Free Institute of Science, Susan Glassman

POEMS courtesy of:
“The Candle A Saint” by Wallace Stevens, from The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens
Used by permission of Alfred A. Knopf, Inc

“Portraits and Repetitions” from Gertrude Stein’s Lectures in America, 1935
Permission Granted by Estate of Gertrude Stein through its literary executor Mr. Stanford Gann, Jr.  Levin & Gann, P.A.

“Paul” by William Carlos Williams from COLLECTED POEMS 1939-1962 VOLUME II, Copyright © 1962 by William Carlos Williams
Used by permission of New Directions Publishing Corp.

“De Aegypto” by Ezra Pound from American Poetry: The Twentieth Century
The Library of America

PAINTINGS courtesy of:

Margaret H. Bullough
Repose, 1912

Barbara K. Gordon 
Still Life, 1913

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Graham
Flowers, 1926

Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman 
Woman on a Dune, 1909

Steve & Susan Jaffe
Self Portrait with Shipping Label, 1922

Ellen Speiser Katz 
Calla Lillies, 1922

Mark S. Kauffman M.D.
Seated Nude with Red Hair, 1931

H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest 
Abstract Still Life, 1930, Composition No. 1, 1937-41

Paul W. McCloskey 
French Hamlet (L’Abbaye), 1912

Perry & June Ottenberg 
Chamonix, 1912
Portrait of Caroline Robinson, 1924
Cubist Seated Nude with Red Hair, 1931

Orna L. Shulman 
Vase of Flowers, 1922-30

Leslie Paul Symington 
Chateau, 1912
Landscape with Church, Voulangis, 1912

Howard & Fredrica Wagman 
Fruit & Flowers (Reflections), 1925-30,
Episode of the Mantis, 1930

Private Collections
Moonlight, 1908
Silence, 1908
Flowers, 1908-09
Venetian Gondolas, 1909
Fields in Autumn, 1912
Landscape, Stormy Sky, 1912
The Window, 1921
Flowers in a Yellow Vase, 1922
Woman with Red Hair, 1922
Abstract Still Life with Flowers, 1928
Gay Madness, 1933
Blue Nude, 1937

Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
Still Life with Flowers, c. 1933-35, (Edmund Hayes & Elisabeth H. Gates Funds)

Curtis Galleries, Minneapolis, Minnesota 
White Nude, 1910
Reclining Nude, 1921

Everson Museum of Art 
Table Arrangement, 1929-31, (Anonymous Gift)

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, 
Smithsonian Institution 
Abstraction (Last Painting), 1936-41
(Photo by Lee Stalsworth; Gift of the Joseph H. Hirshhorn Foundation, 1972)

Vivian Bullaudy for Hollis Taggart Galleries, NY
Still Life with Copper Kettle, 1904
Notre Dame, 1907
Mlle de C., 1908
Portrait of Katherine Rhoades, 1912
Still Life with Blue Glass Bottle, 1912
Pheasant with Green Apple, 1924
Nude with Red Background, 1925
Modernist Seated Nude, 1929
Abstraction, 1935-40

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art, 
Utica, New York
Bouquet (Derivation), 1929-33, (Photo by David Revette)

Newark Museum/Art Resource, New York
Still Life with Compote, 1911, (Bequest of Miss Cora Louise Hartshorn 1958)

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia
An Actress as Cleopatra, 1914, (John Lambert Fund)
White Callas, 1925-27, (Gift of Harry J. Sundheim, Jr.)
Composition No. 6, 1936, (Gift of Joseph Wood, Jr.)

Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Marseillaise, 1918-19
Steichen’s Garden, 1921
Composition of Flowers, 1922, (Gift of Mrs. Earle Horter, 1950)
Turkey, 1927
Blue Abstraction, 1928, (Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Robert McLean, 1977)

Saint Paul’s Reformed Episcopal Church
Copy of Raphael’s Transfiguration, 1909-10
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford
Nude, 1930, (The Ella Gallup Sumner & Mary Catlin Sumner Collection Fund)
Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, N.Y. 
Bouquet Abstraction, 1930

Marsden Hartley Memorial Collection, 
Bates College Museum of Art
A Group of Young American Artists of the Modern School, September 30, 1911

Chestnut Hill Historical Society, 
Philip Price Jr. and Margaret Newbold Pearson
Historical Footage

The Print and Picture Collection, Free Library of Philadelphia
Black and white photographs of Philadelphia, 1900 – 1925

Historic Yellow Springs, Inc. Archival Collection
Photos of the Village of Yellow Springs

Peter Rudolph, McClees Galleries
Photographs, Manuscripts, and Memorabilia

Dr. Perry Ottenberg 
2508 Brown Street, 1908
“The Decency in Teaching,” Arthur B. Carles manuscript

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia
Arthur B. Carles, 1946, (Photo by Henri Marceau, Gift of Ida Harknes)
Arthur B. Carles, Left Profile View, 1920s, (Gift of the Estate of Morris Blackburn)
Arthur B. Carles, Right Profile View, 1920s, (Gift of Mrs. Edward Shenton)
Arthur B. Carles with Unidentified Woman Student, 1930s, (Gift of the Estate of Morris Blackburn)
Cast Drawing Class (#2), 1901,(Photo by J. Liberty Tadd)
Men’s Life Class, c. 1924
Mercedes Carles with Katharine Rhoades, 1912
PAFA Costume Party, 1927 or 1928
Women’s Life Class; Instructor: Philip Hale, 1919-1920
Cover of Catalogue of an Exhibition of Contemporary European Paintings
and Sculpture, April 11, 1923-May 9, 1923

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Arthur B. Carles, (Photo by Alfred Stieglitz, The Alfred Stieglitz Collection)

Private Collections
Arthur B. Carles Visiting the Carles-Watkins Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1946, (Photo by Henri Marceau)
Carroll S. Tyson, Jr., and Arthur B. Carles in the 1930s

Estate of Emma Rea
Arthur B. Carles, 1898
Carles as a Student, 1905
Carles with Pipe, 1925

Estate of John Marin C.A.R.S.
Courtesy, Richard York Gallery
Arthur B. Carles with John Marin
Arthur B. Carles Smoking Pipe

Leslie Paul Symington, Paul Family Photos
Arthur B. Carles with Caroline Carles

Temple University Libraries, Urban Archives 
Alfred Barnes

Dr. Barbara A. Wolanin 
Arthur B. Carles Teaching, 1928, (Courtesy of Mrs. LeRoy Wolfe)
Parkside Avenue Building, (Photo by Robert E. Harding)
Steichen’s House
View Down the Road from Steichen’s House
Newspaper Headlines and Catalog Cover

Elayne Bryn, Esq
Vivian Bullaudy, Hollis Taggart Galleries
Anthony Burokas. IEBA Communications
Erik L. Burr, Audio Visual Systems
Kent Cadwalader, Cadwalader & Associates Insurance
Michael Chiappenelli
Cynthia Close, Documentary Educational Resource
Sarah Braeme Congdon
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Cope
Curtis Institute of Music
Henry A. Gardiner
Julia Farnham Goldstein, Esq
Dr. Benjamin Hammond
Linda Kligman
H. F. (Gerry) & Marguerite Lenfest
Alex Matter
Sharon Mullally
Perry and June Ottenberg
Lloyd Zane Remick, Esq
Laurence Salzmann
Paul Savedow, Music Department, Free Library of Philadelphia
Bill Scott
Martha Smith, Videosmith
Dr. Barbara Wolanin
Amy Coleman, Judi Garst, Barbara Katus, Cheryl Leibold
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Susan Anderson, Stacy Bamento
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Ted Swenson, Jennifer Shropshire
Nancy Barton, Yards Brewery

American INSIGHT

Margaret Chew Barringer

Peter Lorch, Director of Photography
Margaret Chew Barringer
Anthony Burokas
Leo Switucha
Todd Wall

Richard Hoffmann
Jonathan Shearburn

Margaret Chew Barringer
Vicki Seitchik

Eric Sessler, ASCAP

Eric Coyne, cello
Paula Nelson, flute
Arne Running, clarinet
Eric Sessler, guitar
Donald St. Pierre, piano

George Blood
George Blood Audio, LP

Paul Alfe
Rick Wright

Traci Browne
Kathryn Cali
Jonathan Cranston
Adam Farrar
Bryan Farrar
George Johnston Jr.
Michael Malloy
Robert Moon
Mark Oteri
Hilary Pitts

Barbara Greenfield
Jim Lloyd
Palmer Yale

Robert Buttel
Robert Fallon
Daniel Hoffman
Michelle Osborn
Leslie Symington
Seymour I. Toll

Carla Gentile
Jennifer Gilbert
Patricia Perez

Linda diCamillo
Jet Cortez
Eileen Erwin
Emanuela Farris
Binney McCague
Martha McDonald
Jennifer Whartnaby

Colleen Gillon
Sophia Sherry
Kirkley Silverman
Lisa Yamada

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