freedom-bannerAmerican INSIGHT’s Internship Program provides college-age students in the Greater Philadelphia area with unparalleled opportunities to improve their skills and develop their resumes. The Internship Program fills a critical need in our nation’s television and film production industry by providing real world experience in film festival and events management, archival research, audio and video production opportunities, fundraising, community involvement, and social media outreach. Interns are paid on an hourly basis or receive academic credit.

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Responsibilities: include the gathering of information and assets to be used in Social Media Marketing; creating and maintaining online profiles; monitoring and tracking those profiles, and their outreach and interaction.

Qualifications: Candidates must be familiar with all social media websites and their protocols.


Responsibilities include online archival research through all search engines and databases; archival research in area institutions in support of all aspects of the historical documentary production process, including scripts, treatments, and development materials.

Qualifications: Candidates must be experienced researchers, and able to negotiate contracts throughout all phases of the production process.


Responsibilities include complete command of all aspects of videography; logging and capturing; creation of video graphics; Final Cut Pro editing; outputting video for (and creation of) DVD’s; and preparing videos for online presentation.

Qualifications: Interns must possess a complete command of all web design tools, in addition to superb shooting and editing skills.


Responsibilities include working with professional staff, Interns, Board and consultants to fulfill existing funding plans; help develop additional resources and contacts; conduct ongoing research; provide background materials; write application drafts and reports; assist in solicitations of sponsors for website and documentary credits.

Qualifications: Thorough understanding of nonprofit marketing practices and principles; prior fundraising experience is essential.


Responsibilities include marketing to Philadelphia’s cultural and educational communities; developing partnerships with these institutions; preparing background materials and press releases; and assisting Board and staff in long-range marketing plans.

Qualifications: Interns must possess an understanding of nonprofit marketing practices and principles, and must have prior marketing experience.


Responsibilities include regular monitoring of and preparing reports for internal tracking systems; research and development of additional resources and contacts; general office management; and assisting in all aspects of nonprofit management.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate must have superb organizational and software skills, and work efficiently under pressure in a multitasking group environment.

American INSIGHT Interns

equality-bannerStaffed by university Interns, all of American INSIGHT projects have been created and developed to showcase their emerging talents.

Over the years, American INSIGHT has provided educational opportunities to over 50 interns from the following colleges and universities:

Art Institute of Philadelphia
Bennington College
Carlton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Clarion College
College of New Jersey
Drexel University
Emerson College
Haverford College
LaSalle University
St Joseph University
St. Lawrence College
Syracuse University
Temple University
Tish School of the Arts, New York University
Trinity College
University of Kansas
University of Pennsylvania
University of the Arts
Villanova University
Wellesley College


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