equality-bannerStaffed by university Interns, all of American INSIGHT projects have been created and developed to showcase their emerging talents.

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American INSIGHT Interns 2000-2017

Waldo Aguirre – University of the Arts
Gina Angelo – Temple University
Saba Aregai – Temple University
Michael Bellizzi – University of the Arts
Joanna Benjamin – Haverford College
Steven Bogda – Art Institute of Philadelphia
Lauren Collins – Carnegie Mellon University
Angelina Conti – Haverford College
James Copes – St Joseph University
Dayton Charles Cooper IV – Drexel University
Christopher Cowperthwait – Syracuse University
Nathaniel Doubleday – Bennington College
Emilie Dunphy – University of the Arts
Luke Fentres – Rome, Italy
Courtney Fusselman – Temple University
Carla Gentile – Villanova University
Jennifer Gilbert – Villanova University
Colleen Gillon – Villanova University
Bill Hilferty – Temple University
Alana Hoffman – University of the Arts
Latia Johnson – Art Institute of Philadelphia
Rachel Koper – Temple University
Courtney Kreiser – Temple University
Nicole Leo – Temple University
Gregory Lepore – College of New Jersey
Kelsey Levenick – Temple University
Jennae Luecke – Clarion College
Chelsea Lynch – Temple University
Theresa McCaffery – Art Institute of Philadelphia
Clare Murray – Villanova University
Sarah Newhall Neilson – St. Lawrence College
Kaycee Osadolor – Drexel University
Jake Paine – Drexel University
Patricia Perez – Villanova University
Janine Rabb – Temple University
Chris Rorer – Trinity College
James T Rowland – Art Institute of Philadelphia
Laura Ann Rugarber – University of Pennsylvania
Mary Rush – Temple University
Yulia Sakovich – LaSalle University
Madeline Schaefer – Carlton College
Lindsay Shoff – Villanova University
Gabriel Siegal – Tish School of the Arts, New York University
Emily Smith – University of Kansas
Shilpa Soundar – Temple University
Kristi Szczesny – Emerson College
Victoria Vargas – Haverford College
Aditi Vora – Villanova University
Molly Wasser – Wellesley College
Victoria Winterhalter -Villanova University
Palmer Yale – University of Pennsylvania
Carl Yungmann – Drexel University
Wally Zielinski – Art Institute of Philadelphia

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