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“When I think about everything that I have learned over the past several weeks of my internship, it is so much more than I expected. My goal was to gain skills in social media marketing and aid in maintaining American INSIGHT’s many profiles. The organization’s confidence in my abilities enabled me to dive right in, and gave me the opportunity to share news and information while interacting with users of the various social media communities. Through the various news articles, images and videos that I encountered in the process of my work, I also realized that I was learning things about the First Amendment that I had never considered or learned in school. This internship has not only provided me with the opportunity to gain skills that i can use in my future career, it has led me to think more actively about our right to freedom of speech and its place in modern society. I believe my time at American INSIGHT has not just made me a better intern, but it has made me a better citizen as well.”

—Kristi Szczesny, Emerson College

“Nearly 2 months into my internship at AmericanINSIGHT, I want to thank you for all the learning opportunities you have already presented me with. Attending board meetings, allowing my voice to be heard, working closely with other Interns, being tasked with interviewing filmmakers, writing articles, preparing social media posts – when I reflect on the opportunities you have presented me versus the lack of opportunities being presented to me (at my other Internship,) it makes me thankful that I became involved in your organization … These are all real and valuable experiences that are making me grow as a person and as a professional.”

—Gregory Lepore, College of New Jersey

Preparing for the Free Speech Film Festival these past few months has been quite an adventure, to say the least. However, through the struggles and the sacrifices I have learned so much about working in the real world. As a Web Designer, I was able to fully revamp and expand the reach of American INSIGHT’s web presence. This accomplishment has filled me with pride, and will provide strong roots for my future, as I continue my career. As a person, I have evolved to adapt to the many different kinds of people I may encounter in my life. And finally, as an Artist, I can take all the skills I have learned to truly blossom. I could not have come so far without the support of this amazing organization.”

—Wally Zielinski, Art Institute of Philadelphia

Working as a festival intern at AmericanINSIGHT was a unique experience. The flexibility and small working place provided me with a canvas for my interests and research skills. I was able to build a modern and creative website dedicated to Sojourner Truth and Black feminism. Allowing me to contribute to American INSIGHT’s Free Speech Storyline while having something take away from this unique opportunity. AmericanINSIGHT welcomed, encouraged, and valued my ideas and perspectives, which made the experience even better.”

—Kaycee Osadolor, Drexel University

My work at American INSIGHT helped me see how the skills I was learning at Drexel in my Master of Library and Information Science program could be applied to a working environment. I researched information that was used for both advertisements for the Free Speech Film Festival and a project centered on colonial lawyer Andrew Hamilton, most famous for his pro bono defense in the John Peter Zenger Libel Case of 1735. I was also learning other important aspects of working in a real world setting such as using social media to advertise our film festival, the needs of how to organize and store data on computers in a more non-individualized fashion to save time and effort, and taking research and using it effectively in other areas outside of pure academic use. Interning at American INSIGHT was rewarding and taught me many lessons that I know I will be using in the future.”

—Dayton Charles Cooper IV, Drexel University

Working at American INSIGHT for the summer has helped me make great progress in my personal abilities. I have been given the chance to start a major project from start to finish, within a certain time frame. I was able to take what I learned from school, and apply it to what I was doing at American INSIGHT. Now, I will be taking the things I have learned during my internship such as shooting in the field, time management and editing under a time limit; and applying them to any jobs I will have in the future. American INSIGHT has helped me grow as a videographer, and as a person.”

—Steven Bogda, The Art Institute of Philadelphia

The collective, collaborative environment at American INSIGHT is rare and important for young people with limited career experience. I would recommend this job based largely on that dynamic and the emphasis on creativity and inspiration.”

—Angelina Conti, Haverford College

Although I only came to American INSIGHT for a summer internship,I ended up staying for an entire year because I learned so much more than I expected to learn from a typical internship. The office was open and hands on, my superiors listened to and took into consideration my opinions, and the experience that I gained in the past year proved immeasurable. In addition to learning the daily life of an office, I gained experience in film festival submission, public relation duties, rights and reproductions work with local and national museums, creating documentary credits, expanding American INSIGHT’s Internship Program, and independent distribution.”

—Jennifer Gilbert, Villanova University

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at American INSIGHT and know I have learned much through the experience. I worked primarily on research for an upcoming documentary, A Sacred Challenge. My job was to research and compile information pertaining to William Penn, while another intern focused on Violet Oakley… By working at American INSIGHT, I was able to learn about nonprofit organizations, business, presentations of an idea and even about filmmaking.”

—Victoria Winterhalter, Villanova University

Inspiring artist Jean-Michel Basquiat once said, “I know one day I’ll turn the corner, and I won’t be ready for it.” His profound statement certainly could be applied to my experience with American Insight. If you want something more than getting coffee, answering phones, and wrapping AV chords, I recommend this experience to you. This job has boosted my spirit, my rolodex, and my resume.”

—Jake Paine, Drexel University

I came to American INSIGHT when Arthur B. Carles: Philadelphia Artist was being edited, and I was responsible for organizing the legal paperwork to finish editing the film… At American INSIGHT I found something I enjoyed doing. In the fall, I will start law school and specialize in copyright law.”

—Patricia Perez, Villanova University

At American INSIGHT, the world of filmmaking and historical documentaries becomes reality rather than the theory espoused by my professors in my film classes. In school, I never get to learn about the business side of film production, which just as important as the artistic side. In order to achieve my current aspiration to be a filmmaker, I need to know the invaluable business and fundraising skills that I learned at American INSIGHT.”

—Molly Wasser, Wellesley College

At American INSIGHT I was able to develop my fundraising skills; specifically, I researched the online Foundation Center Directory and compiled a database of local and national foundations that would be good candidates for providing support… My involvement in American INSIGHT gave me valuable marketable skills and experience and I now have the confidence to take my first steps into the career world.”

—Colleen Gillon, Villanova University

At American INSIGHT I have acquired knowledge of the nonprofit sector, film production, and office management and developed the abilities to multitask and work under deadline. Additionally, because of American INSIGHT’s small size, I feel I have been able to have significant input at a higher level than I would in a larger organization.”

—Carla Gentile, Villanova University

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